Subnautica, what a ride

I recently played through Subnautica, but it wasn't until the last third of the game I tried (and stuck to) playing in VR. It was almost as janky as Elite Dangerous with the DK2 but the sense of PLACE was amazing

Re: Nintendo Is Killing Music Channels and I Am Sad

brb archiving all of @SupraDarky's channel (see

Re: When Super PLAY visited Sega World

Found the article! Martin Johansson, the original author and photographer, is art director at Mojang now. Can't seem to find him on Twitter though.

When Super PLAY visited Sega World

I finally managed to dig that old Super PLAY (Nov '96) out of storage, though the article aesthetic is not quite as Y2K as I had remembered it! Here's some scans and a translation of the main attractions bit:

Ion Fury is great

From the original Duke Nukem 3D through COG-filled Jedi Knight levels, I've always had a soft spot for well-designed maps featuring believable locations, filled to the brim with interactables and secrets. Ion Fury does this in spades and I'm loving it!