Distanced April - Heights

I've been back to this spot in Sävedalen several times since I found it on this occasion. Also, the Lightroom camera on iOS takes great HDR photos, but they're challenging to edit as the sliders don't start out neutral!

Distanced April - Trunks

Trunks standing, trunks lying, trunks in bits. What's your favorite kind of trunk? I wouldn't blame you for saying birch, and I agree this set is lacking in that regard!

Distanced April - The Glade

Found this special place close to Lilla Delsjön! The café Bertilssons Stuga is close by and I really want to go back there once the pandemic is over

Distanced April - Water

More discoveries this spring; a very pretty stream in a small ravine close to home, a hill in Billdal's park with a nice view of the archipelago, and the beautiful area around Bertilssons stuga at Lilla Delsjön

Distanced April - Rock

Took a break over summer, but now I'm back to uploading again. April didn't rock but here is some rock. Many of these were taken just a short walk away, I'm very grateful to have such beautiful nature just next door!

Distanced April - Crowns

I love conifers, and moving to a more deciduous/leafy area (the west coast as compared to the Stockholm area) has only made me appreciate them more.

Distanced April - Straw, Lichen and Moss

There's more to the forest than trees; So far I've also had two ticks!

Distanced April - Budding and Blooming

I've continued using my Canon lenses with the Viltrox fullframe speed booster on a cheap $100 Fujifilm body as I love the dreamy look so much. It's surprisingly light and complements the 7Artisans well when you want autofocus

Distanced April - Tickor

I don't think I'm alone in thinking March lasted forever and April just flew past. I just learnt these are called polypores in English.

Distanced March - Spring Was Here

I took these during a March morning walk. I never thought I'd own a Leica but if they're old (2006) and broken enough they can be affordable! The colors are something extra and it's the perfect match to the 7Artisans 50mm