7Artisans 50mm f/1.1

Distanced May - Knipeflågsbergen

A nature reserve close to home. I love to chill here on the hills. You probably recognize the little wind torn tree from the Heights photo set as well. All shot with my beloved, slightly busted Leica M8 with my favorite lens.

Distanced April - Fauna

To be honest, I encountered little wildlife during my time in the forest this spring. There were some deer, but I never quite got any good photos of them. All I got were their ticks! The horses belong to Gunnebo Ryttarsällskap.

Distanced April - Heights

I've been back to this spot in Sävedalen several times since I found it on this occasion. Also, the Lightroom camera on iOS takes great HDR photos, but they're challenging to edit as the sliders don't start out neutral!

Distanced April - Trunks

Trunks standing, trunks lying, trunks in bits. What's your favorite kind of trunk? I wouldn't blame you for saying birch, and I agree this set is lacking in that regard!

Distanced April - The Glade

Found this special place close to Lilla Delsjön! The café Bertilssons Stuga is close by and I really want to go back there once the pandemic is over

Distanced April - Water

More discoveries this spring; a very pretty stream in a small ravine close to home, a hill in Billdal's park with a nice view of the archipelago, and the beautiful area around Bertilssons stuga at Lilla Delsjön

Distanced April - Rock

Took a break over summer, but now I'm back to uploading again. April didn't rock but here is some rock. Many of these were taken just a short walk away, I'm very grateful to have such beautiful nature just next door!

Distanced April - Crowns

I love conifers, and moving to a more deciduous/leafy area (the west coast as compared to the Stockholm area) has only made me appreciate them more.

Distanced April - Straw, Lichen and Moss

There's more to the forest than trees; So far I've also had two ticks!

Distanced April - Tickor

I don't think I'm alone in thinking March lasted forever and April just flew past. I just learnt these are called polypores in English.