film emulation

Kodachrome Christmas on Visingsö - Part 2

Here are the other batch of photos from my Christmas on \#Visingsö. The black and white shots use the Pen-F's gorgeous Monochrome 2 setting, the rest use Kodachrome Lightroom presets as a base.

Winter in Slottsskogen

\#Slottsskogen is a gem, with its open air animal and heritage park, and I visited often back when I lived at Masthugget. Loaner \#Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with Canon 85mm 1.8 with Viltrox speedbooster, and \#Kodachrome film emulation.

Mono Weekend with Mats

My good friend Mats came over from Stockholm and we had some fun snapping the city (and each other). Got to put the Pen-F through it's paces! \#monochrome \#bnw \#bw \#streetphotography

Late Summer at Delsjön

The darkest day of the year is near so here's a \#throwback to August and the second-to-last swim of the summer. Also an excuse to use more of that lovely Kodak Gold \#filmemulation from Jamie Windsor! \#throwbackthursday

Christmas Skulls

Another one from last weekend's visit to Jönköping, at the rather festively dressed courthouse. 85mm (120mm) 1.8 on 0.71x speedbooster. \#christmas \#bokeh \#christmaslights \#publicart


At da Matteo. Panasonic GM5 with 7Artisans 35mm (50mm) 1.2 and Jamie Windsor's Tri-X film emulation. \#damatteo \#bnw \#bw \#streetphotography

Dreamhack Winter 2019

I try to pay each Dreamhack in Jönköping a quick visit. It's a good way to get a feeling for the state of gaming through game showcases, esports, and hardware. This 25th anniversary was bigger than ever! \#dhw19 \#dreamhackwinter

The Trams of Stigberget

Our trams are such an easy target for nighttime shots. Canon 85mm (120mm) 1.8 with 0.71x speedbooster, and Jamie Windsor's Fujichrome Astia emulation. Super happy how well these chunky Canon lenses work on my MFT cameras!

Pine Garden

One of my favorite spots in Särö. iPhone XR, Kodak Gold 200 film emulation