Stockholm March 2020

On this day a year ago I visited Stockholm for the last time. I sold a camera and bought my beloved Leica M8, and also took some photos with both Fujifilm and the Yashica. It was quite a different world and I miss it so much!

Portraits of friends

Missing these good people (and the ones that didn't get stuck on film!). With this I've gone though those first two rolls of \#KodakGold. but I have quite the backlog now. Which is good, since I'm not shooting much currently...

Crossing the Lake

Now these seem like images from another time \#KodakGold \#YashicaElectro35


Some sweet rides. Just don't forget about the trusty old shanks' mare (dom gamla goa apostlahästarna)! \#KodakGold

Vanishing Point

Yashica Electro 35 and \#kodakgold

Kodak Moments?

Every photo captures a moment but some of these were extra passionate, unlucky, fun or fortunate. Speaking of which, who could possibly have dropped their wallet and was relieved enough to take a photo upon finding it? \#kodakgold

Colors and Candy

Maybe you could tell but I like color. Sometimes monochrome. But mostly color. Candy? Just gimme chocolate!

A Strange Winter

It's been a strange winter, and really a winter in name only. I recently got reunited with the Yashica Electro 35, one of my favorite cameras, and so far I've been loving getting to shoot some real Kodak Gold with it

Sensia Lights

\#Throwbackthursday to 2007 and Christmas at \#Skansen. Cosina CX-1 with cross-processed \#Fuji Sensia 400. This was, and probably still is, my favorite film and camera combo. \#xpro