Kodachrome Christmas on Visingsö - Part 1

I had a very nice Christmas at \#Visingsö with family and friends, both two and four-legged. All these shots use Jamie Windsor's new \#Kodachrome \#filmemulation presets, which are surprisigly varied! More photos to come.

Later Summer at Rådasjön

Another \#throwbackthursday, another lake. The last swim of the summer, at Rådasjön with an old quarry and a fake 19th century ruin! A bit different look to these as I had a different process at the time. What do you think?

Late Summer at Delsjön

The darkest day of the year is near so here's a \#throwback to August and the second-to-last swim of the summer. Also an excuse to use more of that lovely Kodak Gold \#filmemulation from Jamie Windsor! \#throwbackthursday


At da Matteo. Panasonic GM5 with 7Artisans 35mm (50mm) 1.2 and Jamie Windsor's Tri-X film emulation. \#damatteo \#bnw \#bw \#streetphotography

Dreamhack Winter 2019

I try to pay each Dreamhack in Jönköping a quick visit. It's a good way to get a feeling for the state of gaming through game showcases, esports, and hardware. This 25th anniversary was bigger than ever! \#dhw19 \#dreamhackwinter