Distanced April - Budding and Blooming

I've continued using my Canon lenses with the Viltrox fullframe speed booster on a cheap $100 Fujifilm body as I love the dreamy look so much. It's surprisingly light and complements the 7Artisans well when you want autofocus

Distanced April - Tickor

I don't think I'm alone in thinking March lasted forever and April just flew past. I just learnt these are called polypores in English.

Distanced March - Spring Was Here

I took these during a March morning walk. I never thought I'd own a Leica but if they're old (2006) and broken enough they can be affordable! The colors are something extra and it's the perfect match to the 7Artisans 50mm

Distanced March - Breaking Out

I take a lot of runs in the neighbourhood and sometimes bring something pocketable. Some of these were taken with a Sigma DP2, a wierd old digicam that I got for cheap. It's neat but white balance is often off and hard to correct.

Distanced March - Bars

Been to any nice bars lately? I took the relatively affordable and awesomely flawed 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 and visited these! ...kindof miss the kind where you can get a drink though. It's been a while.

Distanced March - Evenings

The strange winter turned into an even stranger spring. I've kept busy visiting the less busy places. Spending time alone with a camera, in the forests around here in particular, has really kept my spirits up! Stay tuned for more.

Portraits of friends

Missing these good people (and the ones that didn't get stuck on film!). With this I've gone though those first two rolls of \#KodakGold. but I have quite the backlog now. Which is good, since I'm not shooting much currently...

Crossing the Lake

Now these seem like images from another time \#KodakGold \#YashicaElectro35


Some sweet rides. Just don't forget about the trusty old shanks' mare (dom gamla goa apostlahästarna)! \#KodakGold

Vanishing Point

Yashica Electro 35 and \#kodakgold