Distanced April - Budding and Blooming

I've continued using my Canon lenses with the Viltrox fullframe speed booster on a cheap $100 Fujifilm body as I love the dreamy look so much. It's surprisingly light and complements the 7Artisans well when you want autofocus

Distanced April - Tickor

I don't think I'm alone in thinking March lasted forever and April just flew past. I just learnt these are called polypores in English.

Distanced March - Spring Was Here

I took these during a March morning walk. I never thought I'd own a Leica but if they're old (2006) and broken enough they can be affordable! The colors are something extra and it's the perfect match to the 7Artisans 50mm

Distanced March - Breaking Out

I take a lot of runs in the neighbourhood and sometimes bring something pocketable. Some of these were taken with a Sigma DP2, a wierd old digicam that I got for cheap. It's neat but white balance is often off and hard to correct.

Distanced March - Evenings

The strange winter turned into an even stranger spring. I've kept busy visiting the less busy places. Spending time alone with a camera, in the forests around here in particular, has really kept my spirits up! Stay tuned for more.

Later Summer at Rådasjön

Another \#throwbackthursday, another lake. The last swim of the summer, at Rådasjön with an old quarry and a fake 19th century ruin! A bit different look to these as I had a different process at the time. What do you think?

Late Summer at Delsjön

The darkest day of the year is near so here's a \#throwback to August and the second-to-last swim of the summer. Also an excuse to use more of that lovely Kodak Gold \#filmemulation from Jamie Windsor! \#throwbackthursday

Pine Garden

One of my favorite spots in Särö. iPhone XR, Kodak Gold 200 film emulation