Kodachrome Christmas on Visingsö - Part 2

Here are the other batch of photos from my Christmas on \#Visingsö. The black and white shots use the Pen-F's gorgeous Monochrome 2 setting, the rest use Kodachrome Lightroom presets as a base.

Kodachrome Christmas on Visingsö - Part 1

I had a very nice Christmas at \#Visingsö with family and friends, both two and four-legged. All these shots use Jamie Windsor's new \#Kodachrome \#filmemulation presets, which are surprisigly varied! More photos to come.

Mono Weekend with Mats

My good friend Mats came over from Stockholm and we had some fun snapping the city (and each other). Got to put the Pen-F through it's paces! \#monochrome \#bnw \#bw \#streetphotography