Portraits of friends

Missing these good people (and the ones that didn't get stuck on film!). With this I've gone though those first two rolls of \#KodakGold. but I have quite the backlog now. Which is good, since I'm not shooting much currently...


Old meets new. Sony A6300 vs Voigtländer Perkeo E. \#Polaroidfriday \#Polaroid

Kodachrome Christmas on Visingsö - Part 2

Here are the other batch of photos from my Christmas on \#Visingsö. The black and white shots use the Pen-F's gorgeous Monochrome 2 setting, the rest use Kodachrome Lightroom presets as a base.

Fast Food

One of the great things about Malmö is that cheap vegan food is always just around the corner when you need it. However, pro-tier partygoers add their own protein! \#Polaroidfriday \#instax


Throwback to the first party with the Polaroid SX-70 this summer. Thanks for throwing on the lights Appz! Got a bit overconfident with the natural light but who says photos have to be sharp anyway.